First Responders First, Inc.

"Life changing events happen in the blink of an eye. Looking away from the road, texting, messing with radio, or just being tired can result in the injury or death of yourself or someone else. Slow down and move over for emergency vehicles."

"please, help those that are trying to help you."

​A word from our founders

mission statement


First Responders First,  Inc. focuses on raising public awareness of  roadway and occupational safety, as well as ensuRing first responders have proper safety training and equipment.

Founders: Troy and Alissa Kolar

Troy is a full-time firefighter and paramedic whose fire truck was hit by a car hauler while he and his partner were responding to a call on the ohio turnpike on november 5, 2014.   First responders first, inc. was inspired by the events of that day.